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The Ethan M. Lindberg Foundation currently supports families traveling to Boston Children’s Hospital for cardiac care. Family grants and long term housing are focused on families with frequent or long stays. You may apply for a grant here or go through your social worker. 


We have two apartments within walking distance of Boston Children's Hospital. They are reserved for families traveling for complex cardiac care with frequent and/or long-term hospital stays. Since we allow families to stay as long as they need, we often cannot predict when an apartment will become available. Feel free email us to inquire and ask to be place on a list of interested families. Please also fill out a grant application below. 

Family Grants

PLEASE NOTE: We have NOT opened our family grant program for 2019. Please check back in a couple weeks. We are not accepting grant applications at this time.


Grant Application Form

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We offer grants to qualified families for inpatient expenses once a family has been inpatient for at least three weeks. Prior to the three week mark we will consider grants for travel to Boston for families that qualify.

*The undersigned (and on behalf of the patient) authorizes the Ethan Lindberg Foundation, Inc. (“Foundation”) to use the information in this application to process the grant request and determine the availability of Foundation and non-Foundation programs and services for the benefit of the patient and family.  This consents allows and releases the Foundation from HIPAA and related medical and non-medical privacy related disclosure requirements.