Practical Family Support

As parents we’ll do anything to access the best medical care for our children. This very often involves packing a bag, leaving our home, family, and job to travel to centers that provide the highest quality care. When in comes to treating complex congenital heart defects, Boston Children’s Hospital is one of those centers.

Traveling to access care for a sick child is a family affair. Families not only worry about their child, but also about medical bills, the cost of travel and meals, where they will stay, and how they will care for their other children while being present to their hospitalized child. They worry about maintaining their job, their home, and their financial future.

Family Grants

Ethan M. Lindberg Foundation offers grants to families traveling to Boston Children’s Hospital for Cardiac Care. We focus on families who have frequent and lengthy hospitalizations. Click here to learn more and to apply.

Long Term Housing

Families need practical support to access care for their children. And while they have a child in the hospital, they also need a place to stay. A place that is tailored to the needs of a family amidst stress, while trying to manage their life which often includes work and other children.

Families need a home away from home.

Ethan M. Lindberg Foundation has two apartments in Boston to house families with frequent and long-term hospital stays. Apply for a grant to inquire about the apartment OR drop us a note to learn more.