Family Grants + Housing

We know first hand that congenital heart disease has a significant financial impact on families. We provide financial assistance to families in patient at Boston Children’s Hospital. See below for details on our family grant program. In addition we have two apartments within walking distance of Boston Children’s Hospital to house families traveling for care. We currently off subsided housing for families traveling within the 50 United States.

Family Grants

In 2019 our family grants will be distributed by cardiac social workers at Boston Children’s Hospital. We will not be taking applications for grants directly through our website. Family grants are reserved for those families who have been in the hospital for at least 30 days and have a projected long-term stay OR for those families with frequent stays. In addition, there are some funds available for families traveling to Boston Children’s Advanced Fetal Care Center for Fetal Cardiac Intervention. To find out if you qualify or assistance, please see your cardiac social worker. If you have further questions please send us a message.  


We have two one bedroom apartments within walking distance of Boston Children's Hospital. The apartments are subsidized by generous donors so they are affordable for families. They are reserved for families traveling for cardiac surgery. We prioritize families with long-term stays and complex cardiac care. Since we allow families to stay as long as they need, we often cannot predict when an apartment will become available. If you are interested in an apartment, please fill out the inquiry form below. If one is not currently available, we are happy to place you on our waiting list.

Apartment Inquiry

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