Without the support of The Ethan M. Lindberg Foundation, and without access to the low-cost and high-love apartment, we would also be looking at immense travel debt. Instead, this time around, we walked away with none. None. No added stress and strain from the expenses incurred, but instead an ability to focus on our family and on moving forward together.
— The Smith Family


Boston Children's Hospital is known to offer options for children with congenital heart disease not available elsewhere. Families travel from all over the country for this world-class cardiac care. The Ethan M. Lindberg Foundation is keenly aware that affordable and accessible housing is a significant challenge for these families, many of whom have the most critically ill children. 

After significant research and personal experience, the foundation has determined the most expeditious and economical way to answer this need is to rent and furnish apartments. Since November 2015 the foundation has housed families with frequent and long-term hospital stays from all across the country. 

We currently have two apartments within walking distance of the hospital for families traveling for cardiac care.

We are looking for 20 partners who will make a 2-year commitment to each give or raise $5,000 per year. The total cost per apartment is approximately $58,000 per year. 


  • Leasing one apartment for one year collectively saves families over $70,000/year.
  • Hotels within walking proximity to the hospital are between $200 and $300/night (or more) with parking.
  • In Boston, The Ronald McDonald House is only available to cancer patients and families. 
  • The hospital has some housing available to traveling families, but it is regularly full, leaving many families with no affordable options.
  • After long days in the hospital with limited privacy, having a clean, quiet place to rest is healing for the entire family. The apartments allow families to stay close during some of the most stressful times in their lives. 


  • Each unit costs the foundation $160.00 per day. This cost includes rent, insurance, cleaning service, supplies, parking, and management.
  • The foundation charges families $50.00/day to lease the apartment and an additional $10.00/day for parking. If a family cannot pay, the foundation will help them create a fundraising page to help cover their costs. If the fundraising is not successful, the foundation will consider an additional family grant to help off-set costs.
  • The foundation purchases all furniture and necessities for the unit. It’s fully outfitted for families. All they need to do is bring their clothes and personal items. The units have an in-unit washer and dryer. 
  • The foundation has a protocol approved by the Board of Directors. This protocol focuses on housing families with frequent and long-term hospital stays. 
  • The apartments are located in the Fenway Area, an excellent location within walking distance of the hospital, restaurants, grocery store and all amenities needed by families.


  • We are looking for 20 individuals or families to make a 2-year commitment to give or raise $5,000 per year. Total commitment is $10,000.
  • Each partner will be listed on the Ethan M. Lindberg Foundation web page as a family housing partner. 
  • Each partner will also be listed on a framed document that will hang in the apartments. Families will know these units are the collective gift of all our partners. 
  • To become a housing partner, fill out the form below and donate on-line by clicking on the button below the form OR donate by check. Checks can be mailed to:
    • Ethan Lindberg Foundation Inc. 12254 Bellingham Road Caledonia IL 61011
  • If you’d prefer to raise the money, create your own fundraising page here.
    • You can raise the funds by hosting a fundraiser, running a race, asking for donations in lieu of gifts for birthdays and holidays. The fundraising page allows you to create a team of friends that can help too. For more suggestions or help, please contact us via the form below.
  • We’d like commitments and payments by October 1.

Please send any questions about this campaign to us via the form below. Thank you for partnering with us to support heart families. 

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We were able to stay in the apartment for a small nightly fee, cook there instead of eating every meal out and re-energize after a long day at the hospital. Most nights I stayed at the hospital with Emma and my husband would stay at the apartment. I would go to the apartment in the morning to shower and for a few hours just for a break. It was actually healing for me. Then when my husband had to return to Illinois to care for our son, my mother came out and we had the same routine. Having a sick child in the hospital is so hard on the whole family. You have to be able to handle the pain, the tears, the frustration your child is going through over and over again. And just the emotional weight of watching your child go through surgery, complications, recovery. It is critical to have some time away from that each day in order to return to do it again. I never realized how much having the apartment to go to would help us. When Emma was discharged, we were able to bring her there for a few days, to a cozy place where she could rest easy. We are so thankful for the donations to the Ethan Lindberg Foundation that have allowed them to rent the apartment in Boston.
— The Kotecki Family


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This gift is made for the purpose of providing affordable and accessible housing to families traveling for cardiac care to Boston Children's Heart Center. I pledge to donate $5,000 in 2017 and $5,000 in 2018.

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