Our Programs


Having a child with congenital heart disease (CHD) is a life changing experience. This significant experience matters. Sharing hard earned wisdom gives meaning to the journey. The Ethan M. Lindberg Foundation is about families helping families. It’s about working together to lighten the load for each other. It’s about sharing our experiences and helping families that come after us walk a clearer and straighter path. 


Practical Family Support

We know that having a sick child is a family affair. Ethan M. Lindberg Foundation helps families be families as they face CHD. We offer grants to families  and provide long-term housing solutions for families with lengthy hospital stays. 

Innovation and Shared Decision-Making

Ethan M. Lindberg Foundation supports exceptional, patient-focused care initiatives for children with CHD. We stand behind initiatives that empower families, improve family/physician communication, improve outcomes, and focus on quality
of life goals for children with complex heart disease.

Joy Through Music

Participating in Music Therapy can reduce anxiety and pain. It can provide an emotional outlet and a break from the illness at hand. Ethan M. Lindberg Foundation funds Music Therapy Programs that have a focus on children with CHD.